The American Scholar

As being a student I have a lot to learn, and everyday I am constantly learning new materials. Becoming a scholar is not an easy task, people have to work hard day and night, and most importantly they have to love books as Emerson emphasized in his speech ” the theory of books is noble”. As a scholar it is my jo to inspire others to become a ” Man Thinking”, and to create my own ideas instead of borrowing from other people because 

As a learning American Scholar I have many roles to play in my community, in school because I have to change first then I can tell other people to what to do as stated in his Speech ” the scholar is the delegated intellect…… becomes more thinker”, emphasizing what a scholar must have in order to become  a great scholar. Now days, people are moving away from what is known as “Man Thinking” because people don’t think, they don’t use their mind to help them what they are looking for which God has given to us, but instead we find ourselves surfing on the internet and looking for answers, and day by day we are losing the ability to think. At school many students are not doing their work because they don’t think they can do the work, or simply because they don’t try hard enough, and the are going away from what Emerson told us in his speech that every person can become a scholar if he tries and knows what he’s doingYes, we are going to make mistakes as Emerson says in his speech “the richest return of wisdom,” emphasizing that no one is perfect everyone makes a mistake because the more mistake a person makes the more successful he is going to become. As a growing scholar I personally have to change that and become a wise successful scholar who knows what he’s doing. 

Due to people not thinking our world is becoming more and more toward the internet. That’s the reason we have fewer people people inventing not so much things as compare to in the early 1900s. For example in the past people had to develop their own ideas instead of copying from other people, they didn’t have the advantage as we do today where we almost produce the same phone as Samsung and Apple are currently doing right now where one tries to copy the other one’s product with making its product much better then the other one; basically having the same ideas. One of the great inventor of his time Eli Whitney who built the cotton gin had to develop his own ideas, he had to construct, and manage how he’s going to built his invention that he had in his mind because in the past no one had ever built something like this. In his speech Emerson tells the scholars that they have to have their own ideas because “the world is his”, so he has every right to put his idea into action and make it work, but the scholar needs to have courage which is not found in today’s world.

During the speech he talks about how American scholar should be, and he tells the importance of books by stating ” “Books are the best of things, well used; abused, among the worst…………. but to inspire”, stating that books are here only to help us to get better understanding of the past, but they shouldn’t be the only resource for knowledge. They are here to help us get better ideas. Books shouldn’t define who we are but our actions should define who we really are because if this was the case then people like Bill Gates, Eli Whitney wouldn’t be famous if it wasn’t for their actions.

Every Scholar should be a ” Man Thinking”, and they should not borrow ideas from other people or books instead they  should develop their own ideas. If this happens than our ” future scholars” would become more successful because this is what we work for day and night to become a successful person.


4 thoughts on “The American Scholar

  1. Whew, thank goodness you got that Eli Whitney example in there. Prior to that you had very little support to your assertion. Even then, your argument is muddy and uneven. How can you more emphatically state your position and then use evidence and examples to support your position? 4

  2. Taifoor,

    I appreciate the revisions you made to your American Scholar essay because they have allowed me to grasp your theme more easily. The modern day concrete examples help solidify the point you’re making regarding what you believe should be the role of the American Scholar. The comparison you make regarding the past and the present help me understand the change in our role as “Man Thinking” based on a chronological perspective. I enjoyed reading your essay!

  3. You have established a better foundation for your argument. I see a little more stronger examples and a few grammatical errors, but the overall quality of your timed writing has improved.

  4. Taifoor,
    I enjoyed reading this blog! I love your ideas about how valuable it is to indeed be a thinker, and the concern you have for the lack of thinking in today’s society. Some of your ideas may be a bit disjointed simply because you are still developing your command of the English language, but I can see what is in your heart on this subject.
    Perhaps explain a bit more of your thoughts when using certain great men’s quotes. I love the use of them, I just wasn’t always able to connect your explanations to them. I would encourage you to continue on your quest to be a thinker and even an innovator. This is a lofty but worthy goal, and I see so much potential in you to be one of the great ones of your day.

    Mrs. Engel

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